Thursday, March 22, 2012

More Good Asimov Stories

Though not quite as spectacular as the stories listed in my first Asimov post, these are pretty darn good science fiction, all found in Isaac Asimov, the Complete Stories; Volume 1 
-"Franchise"—Future voting is done by a computer who figures out what the people want, then selects just one voter to answer what it doesn't know.

-"The Watery Place"—Very short, and reading more like a joke, this tells the story of respectful aliens making contact for the first time.

-"The Immortal Bard"­—Shakespeare travels to the future.  This also reads more like a joke.

-"Someday"—In a world where people don't read, a sad electronic storyteller tells fairytales that get distorted by a software upgrade.  

-"Spell My Name with an S"—Big consequences stem from little actions. 

-"In a Good Cause"—A rather slow but fascinating exploration of the politics of war and peace. 

-"What If"—Fate and the dangerous question of "what if…?"

-"It's Such a Beautiful Day"—In a sterile inside world, a boy discovers the pleasure of the outside.

-"Strikebreaker"—Untouchables in a modern society. 

-"What Is This Thing Called Love?"—Androgenous aliens try to understand human love and reproduction.

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