Saturday, January 21, 2012

Loket, Czech Republic

Loket's a tiny town perched in a tight bend of the Ohře river, like Cesky Krumlov only with a fraction of the tourists.   Like any good Czech town, it's got a castle, a square, and a river, but it also has friendly canoers, summer festivals, nearby hiking trails, a really tall bridge, and bits of old city wall.  By public transportation, it's something of a chore to get to, and perhaps too quiet for some, but Loket is my idea of a perfect Czech travel destination.

Loket, Czech Republic, from across the river

Loket's square

Loket, Czech Republic

The castle in Loket, Czech Republic

Loket castle at night


  1. Melinda,
    Do you ever act as a travel guide for small groups or individuals? You would be good at it! I love the pictures and commentary.

  2. Just for friends and family. It would be a great idea.