Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hostel in Zdiar, in the Slovakian Tatras

Looking for a budget getaway in the Slovakian Tatra Mountains?  Like to get off the beaten track?  Then the hostel in Zdiar, Slovakia, is a great choice.  Here's a riddle to figure out its name:  a root that adds flavor plus a cute primate that's not an ape.  I think this particular combination has been earning me a lot of spam and shady traffic, so I will mention it no more.  So...maybe not the best name.  But a great hostel.    

Hostel, Zdiar, Slovakia
It's a small hostel, but social.  When I was there, it felt like visiting old friends.  We all ate dinner together, went out for drinks together, watched a movie together.  One of the staff was a real comedian, and had us in fits of laughter several times.  I learned Texas Hold 'Em and lost a dollar in a tournament—but wrapped myself in comfy blankets and drank hot chocolate while I watched the finalists duke it out.  I found a girl to go hiking with, and two patient guys to act as ski instructors.  I didn't want to leave.
Hiking in Zdiar with my new friend, Lauren.
Me with the peaks of the Tatras behind me.
For more about the hostel's amenities and the town of Zdiar, read my article here.

Google the hostel and you'll find it.  I don't want to link because of aforementioned shady traffic.
View of the Tatras in winter from the hostel


  1. I have been enjoying your blog and all of the accompanying photography.

    The Czech Republic looks like a beautiful place. Who knew?

  2. Thanks! Yes, the nature and climate of Slovakia and the Czech Republic are my version of heaven.