Monday, February 14, 2011

Random Romances from my ESL students

In honor of Valentines Day, I have my ESL students write love stories.  But of course I like to throw a wrench in things, so we write blind circle stories.  I generally begin by having everyone write the name of a famous man.  Then they fold the paper over to hide their words and pass it to the next student.  Without reading what comes before, the second writer continues the tale with a famous woman and where they met.  It goes on, carefully guided, until the finale.  Then we all open our stories and read them.  Sometimes they’re nonsense, but sometimes they’re amazingly logical.  The students who laugh the most always volunteer to read theirs aloud.

Here are some of the best random romances I’ve collected over the years.  WARNING:  THESE STORIES ARE NOT TRUE.  Anyone featured within—thanks for being a good sport.      

Joseph Stalin met Cleopatra in Prague Castle.  He said, “How are you?”  She said, “Help!  Police!”  So they decided to write books.  And now they are sitting in a pub and they are so drunk.

Adam Malysz (famous Polish ski jumper) and Queen Jadwiga (Ruling queen of 14th century Poland) met on a train.  He smiled at her.  It was terrible.  She was writing a letter to her boyfriend.  He said, “I’m pretty.”  She said, “I hate you.”

Lionel Messi (Argentinian soccer player) met Shakira in the supermarket.  He said, “You sing very nice.”  She said, “You scare me!”  Then they got married.

John Lennon met Taylor Swift at Niagara Falls.  He said, “You are my soul mate.”  She said, “You are the most interesting man I’ve ever met.”  So they decided to vacation.  And now they have five children.

Vaclav Klaus (Czech President) met Margaret Thatcher in heaven.  He said, “You’re late.”

Hope you enjoyed these silly Valentines.

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