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Friday, October 2, 2015

Zidova Strouha, near Bechyne, Czech Republic

Near Bechyne, this great trail follows a stream through forests and rock formations.  The trail crosses the water multiple times, making it even more fun.  The northern end empties into the river, where a cool little bridge takes you to a nice flat rock with great views--a perfect picnic spot.

Be careful of stinging nettles, and near the southern end be on the lookout for a place where the trail crosses a field.  If you're southbound, it's easy to miss.  The trail could do with some better marking...but that makes it more of an adventure.

I took the bus from Tabor (via Bechyne) to Nuzice, then walked the blue trail down to the river.  From there I backtracked a bit and took the yellow Zidova Strouha trail the whole way up to where it turns into road. I caught a bus from the middle of nowhere, at the stop in the picture below:  "Zimutice, Smilovice, rozc. 2.0."  Be sure to know bus schedules beforehand.  They're infrequent.  And the bus may snake through every little village on its round-about journey back to Bechyne, so just sit back and enjoy the tour.

Trail length, the way I did it:  9.1 km
Main section of Zidova Strouha:  7 km
Prettiest part:  the northern end, near the river.

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