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Friday, June 28, 2013

Phoenix Heat

Phoenix, Arizona, USA:

  • Mostly Cloudy
    Currently: 116°F
    Mostly Cloudy
    116°F | 93°F
  • sunny
    119°F | 93°F
  • sunny
    116°F | 91°F

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Prague, Czech Republic:  
  • Fair
    Currently: 54°F
    65°F | 48°F
  • pm showers
    PM Showers
    67°F | 49°F
  • am showers
    AM Showers
    66°F | 51°F

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Need I say more?  Actually, I probably do, since I just heard on the radio in Phoenix:  "I hope you're enjoying this wonderful weekend weather."  WHAT?  Seriously, how can ANYONE call 119 degrees "wonderful?"  "Not as bad as it could be," maybe, or "a bit toasty," or "a good time to be thankful for air conditioning," but "wonderful?"  Of course, that weather in Prague right now sounds wonderful to me, but many of people here would say it looks cold and miserable.      

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