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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Birth of a Lemon

It's the middle of March, and here in Arizona, that means citrus blossom season:  that sweet pervading perfume in the air, bees buzzing around fruit trees, and the promise of a crop of lemons we won't possibly be able to use up, even if we give away 200 pounds.

So here's a photo-recap of the stages of lemon blossoms:  
Buds on my lemon tree
The buds turn into flowers.
Then the petals fall off, revealing tiny green nubs that will turn into lemons with the amazing precision of nature.
I took all these pictures today, on the same tree.  The branches are practically heavy with blossoms.  It's one of those yearly miracles I love so much.


  1. Awesome i learned about lemons being born. totally awesome.

  2. Some of the lemons in Arizona grow to be as large as grocery-store grapefruits. They make the regular grocery-store lemons look tiny and pathetic.