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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Scorpions under UV light

I'm currently in the Czech Republic, and was telling some students about how scorpions glow under black light (UV light).  I'm not sure they believed me.  So I thought I'd post two pictures of a scorpion I killed back in Arizona.  He's a little smooshed because...well...I smooshed him.

Under regular light:

Under UV light (black light):

But kinda cool.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Okay, I'm a little obsessed with tulips.  You see so many around here in spring, and they're just so perfect and beautiful and happy.

All pictures taken mid to late April, 2016, in Vsetín, Czech Republic  

Friday, April 29, 2016

Deer in the Czech Republic

Look who I saw today! It's a roe deer, I believe, the kind we have in the mountains around Vsetin. 

I was very happy to see him, but he wasn't so happy to see me. When he decided I was a threat, he ran away barking like a hoarse dog. He kept sounding the alarm long after I was no longer any possible threat. I wish I could have told him I wasn't going to hurt him.

I've only heard that sound--and been sure it was actually a deer--two other times.  Very cool experience.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Literary Magazines with Themes--Spring/Summer 2016 Edition

I recently posted my Spring/Summer 2016 list of literary magazines with themes. It's a fun way to submit.  All listed magazines also pay (though for some it's a token payment).

Click here for the list

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Velký Javorník View Tower

Velký Javorník:  one of the Czech Republic's many awesome view towers. This one is a steep walk up into the Veřovice hills in Wallachia.

I went from Frenštát pod Radhoštem up the green trail to the tower, then along the red ridge trail until I cut down the steep yellow path to Mořkov to catch my train, about a 15-17km trip (depending on if you explore Frenštát's nature trail first, as I did).  Be prepared for about 700 meters of elevation gain overall.  The ridge trail goes up and down a bit.  Views are really nice.

The tower itself is open year round and free, and there's a pub there too for refreshment.  Up top, 3-D wooden signs point out different mountains in view.  From here you can see both Poland and Slovakia on a clear day.

Cool signs showing different mountains, some of which are in Slovakia
More pictures:
Family enjoying the spring sun and views

A pleasant spring off a short fork of trail

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring's Variability

From the same hike, April 2, 2016, a hike in which I also lay out in the sun in bare feet and short sleeves.


Actual Snow

Taken near Velký Javorník viewtower in the Czech Republic