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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Telegraphing in Colorado

We stopped for gas in Dolores, a tiny town in Colorado, and next door was a darling little historic train station.  Inside was a little museum, where I got to actually click away on a real telegraph!  It made the coolest sound, and had a strange sort of resistance which would make it harder to accidentally press the button when you didn't mean to.

I wasn't actually transmitting anywhere, but they're trying to get a program together where they hook it up (via internet, I'm afraid) with the Durango-Silverton Railroad museum, and let people "telegraph" back and forth.  Isn't that awesome?

Me, telegraph mistress extraordinaire.
If ever you're in the area, Dolores is a charming place, just north of Cortez, and the drive between there and Telluride is absolutely gorgeous.  

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