Friday, April 14, 2023

Rattlesnake Ranch, near Dragoon Arizona

 We were headed to Willcox, Arizona and Chiracahua National Monument when we took a small detour looking for a place to enjoy the rocks of Texas Canyon.  We didn't find a good place to explore the rocks.  But look what we did find!

This is Rattlesnake Ranch, and you can just drive in, park, and wander around looking at the beautiful metal statues spread though the wild grounds of what looks like a private home.  Most are dinosaurs, but there are also a few other surprises waiting for you.  

A VERY cool and unexpected attraction on a road we almost didn't take.

Thank you to everyone who put so much love into these works of art.

NOTE:  beware of rattlesnakes.  I think the signs are probably serious, considering all the visibility-blocking grass and the fact that Arizona does indeed have a fair number of rattlesnakes.   

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